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HEPATO-MEB PLANT TINCTURE- food supplement for the hepato-biliary system 50 ml

Recommendations: dysfunction of the hepatobiliary system Actions: - helps to eliminate toxic substances from the body; - supports the liver functions (protects the liver cell membrane from hepato-toxic substances such as alcohol, drugs); contributes to the regeneration of liver cells; - supports the normal functioning of the digestive system (helps regulate bowel movements, helps to reduce unpleasant effects of fermentation-putrefaction processes nausea, bloating, flatulence); -supports the bile secretory activity.

MEBRA propolis and yarrow spray 50ml

USEFUL TO KNOW: Propolis and yarrow (with content of natural azulene) are traditionally used in cosmetics due to their antimicrobial, epithelizant, soothing, tonic effects.