In 2004 we obtained the GMP Certificate for drug manufacturing and in 2005 SRAC and IQNET certified that our organization had implemented and maintained a
Quality-Environment Integrated Management System that fulfills the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 14001 international standards . These certifications confirm both the quality of our products , the high level of the qualification of the staff and the proper endowment with production facilities , laboratories and warehouses organized on manufacturing flows and fulfilling all the requirements of the drugs , cosmetics and medical devices requirements .

These certificates make our products more reliable, they are a guarantee that our products are produced and controlled in accordance with the regulations in force .

The environmental care was permanent for our company .
An important acquisition with direct involvement in environmental protection
was made in 2006 with the support of O.N.U.D.I. and consists in the endowment of the aerosol production area with performant equipment , appropriate to the use of ecological propellant, giving us the opportunity to produce aerosols marked "Ozone friendly" .
We acquired and installed in 2008 a biological wastewater treatment plant for
the raw wastewater resulted from the manufacturing processes , that ensures also the bacteriological depollution of the water by exposure to UV radiation . By making this investment , we proved one more time our environmental care .
In order to achieve the purposed objectives in quality and environment areas and in order to satisfy our clients requirements by providing good quality products with competitive prices , the management of the company established and issued its policy in quality and environment areas , as part of the global policy of the company .

The organisation policy


Constantly good and very good financial and economic results placed us every
year , for the last 14 years , in top spot - II-nd place - in The County Top of the Companies , Middle Companies category .
In 2010 , as a corollary of previous awards , our company received the Business Excellence Award , as a result of being for 14 years in The National Top of the Companies - county phase.

In 2009 , we obtained Business Excellence Awards for the efficiency in the environmental management from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry .