During the interwar period BEIERSDORF & CO S.A.R. was one of the German companies that were active on the Romanian market, producing toothpastes and different plasters based on white rubber, since 1925 .

After the nationalization , the company that continued to produce the above products was I.I. NIVEA STALIN CITY, with the production units in Brasov , K.Marx 47.

In 1972 , as the only producer of plasters on the local market , it was of paramount importance to develop the production capabilities . In order to achieve this , I.P.C. NIVEA Brasov transferred the plasters manufacturing to its unit from BOD , Ariujdului 92 . A period of modernization of the manufacturing technology , acquisition of new and performant equipment from import followed , between 1976-1978 .

After 1990 , I.P.C. NIVEA changed its name into SC NORVEA SA and maintained its production profile .

In 1992 , SC NORVEA SA participated in the formation of one of the first Romanian joint venture companies with COLGATE PALMOLIVE - registered under the name SC COLGATE PALMOLIVE ROMANIA SRL .

cladireaÎIn 1994 SC MEBRA SRL Brasov was founded : a company with fully private capital , that continued to produce plasters , drugs , household chemicals and cosmetics at the production unit from Bod . SC MEBRA SRL Brasov acquired the whole manufacturing unit , including production areas , production technology , staff worker and experts , from SC COLGATE PALMOLIVE ROMANIA SRL .
From 1998 until now , SC MEBRA SRL developped an ample programme of modernization of the manufacturing areas , technologies and environmental conditions , conforming to the good manufacturing practices for the products .

The headquarters of the company and the warehouse for the finished products are located in Brasov .


Our product portofolio contains well-established products on the market , wellknown to our consumers , but also new products and product ranges , meeting high quality standards ; while maintaining affordable prices , which will continue to convince people that our main permanent goal is to meet the requirements of the consumers .

The main brand unanimously appreciated by the clients is OXIMED , a registered pharmaceutical product, which combines the qualities a the drug with the easy application mode of a spray and is very useful against burns and other dermatological diseases .
The brand MEDPLAST is the best known on the local market in the plasters area - dressings and adhesive bandages ( medical devices ) .

The ranges of dermato-cosmetic products TONIFOR , ERITROACNOL , MEBRA , MEDARA add continuously new products for skin and body care , following the latest trends on the market in this area .

Our cosmetic powders are highly appreciated by our clients .
Our permanent goal is to satisfy our clients - therefore all our products are tested dermatologically and for cutaneous tolerance .

A special category of products is the range MEDBAND , adhesive bandages for industrial use.