OXIMED Spray cutanat 59,5g

OTC drug (released without medical prescription) very useful for the treatment of chemical or thermal burns (including solar), dermatoses and dermatitis, as well as superficial injuries and bed sores. Cutaneous administration. PRODUCT AVAILABLE IN PHARMACIES! To order online, go to:

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For solar/thermal burns, dermatitis and skin infections

OXIMED spray is recommended for:
- burns
- superinfected dermatoses including atopic eczema
- superinfected dermatitis
- decubitus injuries
- infected wounds
- crural ulcers

The product is applied easily, without touching the wound, being in the form of a spray.

Burns treatment
- burn wounds favor the occurrence of infections as a result of the destruction of the integumentary barrier. Bacteria and fungi most frequently contaminate burn wounds.

To prevent infection of burns, the immediate use of antimicrobial drugs for external use, such as OXIMED spray, is recommended, which aim to reduce the microbial load in burned wounds.

The complications and consequences of burns represent some of the most difficult pathologies in the entire medical field, taking into account the vital importance of the skin, as a barrier structure that protects the body from external microbial aggressions. Most burns are minor and do not require hospitalization or supportive and surgical treatment.
The severity of a burn depends primarily on the temperature of the offending agent, the duration of contact with the integumentary surface, the size of the contact surface and the contact region where the heat source acts. Prolonging the contact time will lead to the appearance of deep injuries.

It is recommended to apply the OXIMED antibiotic spray for the prevention of infection and the rapid healing of the burn, it is very useful in sunburns that cover a large surface of the skin. Its unique composition on the Romanian market acts quickly and effectively, preventing the infection of burns and wounds thanks to the combination of antibiotic: oxytetracycline hydrochloride and corticoid: hydrocortisone.

Oxytetracycline works by interfering with the bacteria's ability to produce essential proteins. Without these proteins, bacteria cannot multiply. Therefore, oxytetracycline stops the spread of the infection.
Hydrocortisone works by reducing skin inflammation and reduces local pain sensation.

Both ingredients are very effective due to the degree of micronization that allows better penetration of the skin layer and the isopropyl myristate excipient that contributes to skin hydration and better penetration of the active ingredients into the skin.
It is recommended to apply as soon as possible after finding the burn or infection.

Read below about the skin conditions in which Oximed spray is useful:
Access the leaflet of the drug Oximed spray:  below.

Dermatitis / Superinfected dermatoses treatment
Dermatitis is the most common inflammatory skin condition and often represents the first manifestation of the "allergic march". It is not contagious, but it causes discomfort as it usually manifests itself as a rash on swollen and reddened skin.
Clinical manifestations depend on the severity and type of dermatitis. The typical appearance is rough red plaques covered with vesicles (blisters) and crusts.
Scratching can cause open sores that can become infected. These skin infections can spread.

Creams or ointments with corticosteroids are recommended to treat dermatitis - to reduce itching, inflammation and topical antibiotics (applied locally) - to treat infections.
Oximed spray, contains both ingredients, is very useful for treating infected dermatitis.

Pressure/bed sores treatment
Pressure ulcers are sores in the skin and surrounding tissue. Bedsores occur mostly in people who stay in bed for a long time, usually in hospital.
Pressure sores typically occur on areas of skin over a bony surface, where the tissue between the bone and the skin is poorly represented.
Aproximatix 95% of decubitus injuries occur in the lower part of the body, in the lumbar and sacral areas (lower back), hips, buttocks or heels.
The treatment consists in preventing the occurrence of lesions by periodically changing the way the patient sits and treating them when they are formed.

These lesions can easily become infected, therefore it is useful to apply a product with a bactericidal effect such as Oximed spray.
Using Oximed spray relieves some of the pain and discomfort associated with bedsores and prevents infection.

Infected wounds treatment
Open wounds can be classified according to how deep they are, or the tissue that is affected (slight, cuts, bruises). Minor (superficial) open wounds involve loss of the top layer of skin (epidermis). When the skin is injured, there is a high risk of infection. Pathogenic agents can cause severe inflammatory processes with various complications.
In order not to infect the wound, it must be properly cared for.
Disinfectant sprays, ointments, plasters are recommended for treating wounds.
Oximed spray helps to cool the contact site, reduces the feeling of discomfort and forms a protective barrier on the skin thanks to isopropol myristate and prevents wound infection.

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